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Instantly get involved organizing for any issue or cause.

The all-in-one open organizing platform for collective impact in your community. Everything you need to make a difference that's free, secure, and purpose-built for social and civic engagement.

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The power to get involved and so much more.

Check out all you can do in Zeall.

Get involved with others in your community.

Communicate via chat, mail, posts, and more.

Earn points & achievements for your efforts.

Organize and manage tasks and missions.

Manage teams, members, volunteers, constituents, and more.

Schedule events, track hours, manage community calendars, and more.

Consolidate all your organizational tools in one place.

Find people and resources.

Manage files, databases, wiki’s and more.

Collaborate on any cause.

Zeall helps lower the barrier of entry to being involved. Whether you are merely interested, directly affected, or a professional, your effort is maximized on Zeall.

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Find or offer volunteer opportunities to stay involved with issues, causes, and communities you care about most.

Whether your activities are ongoing, single events, internal organization, or calls-to-action, missions help break down your efforts into bite-sized achievable goals, giving you the ability to leverage volunteers at large and help you increase productivity by managing and tracking individual actions and tasks.






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