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As a volunteer


As a leader or organization


Find Volunteer Opportunities

Get involved with the issues and causes you care about most.

Follow topics, leaders, or organizations and contribute at home or in person with whatever skills or passion you have. Can’t find the right opportunity? Take charge, become a leader and make opportunities for others.

Leaders / Organizations
Issue Missions

Coordinate volunteers at scale by issuing sets of tasks called “Missions”.

Whether your activities are ongoing, single events, internal organization, or calls-to-action, missions help break down your efforts into bite-sized achievable goals, giving you the ability to leverage volunteers at large and help you increase productivity by managing and tracking individual actions and tasks.


Personalized Efforts

Use your specific skills and assets to contribute to your community.

We all have different skills, interests, and concerns. Zeall gives you a place to share and collaborate where your unique abilities can best contribute to society.

Leaders / Organizations
Targeted Engagement

Match with volunteers based on their interest, time, and location to maximize mission success.

Promote your message, nurture community groups, and find the volunteers most likely to follow through with what you need done. Social features allow you to find the strongest ways to collaborate and bring on board new talent to your cause.


Lower Barrier of Entry

Participate and contribute to any cause.

Whether you are merely interested, directly affected, or a professional volunteer, your participation is maximized on Zeall.

Leaders / Organizations
All Your Organizational Tools in One Place

Unburden yourself and your volunteers with streamlined communication, management tools, schedulers, and automation.

Track, report, and analyze your efforts. Use Zeall’s built in task apps for canvassing, phone banking, and more. Integrate your existing services into Zeall. And even manage your structured teams and distributed organization by working hand-in-hand with like-minded individuals and organizations.


Earn Points and Awards

Earn points and awards to build up your profile and leave your mark on history.

Leaders / Organizations

Leveraging techniques that magnifies motivation and drive, recruit, retain, and incentivize volunteers with gamification.