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For individuals, citizens, volunteers, activists, and more...

Get involved with the issues and causes you care about most.

Follow topics, leaders, or organizations and contribute at home or in person with whatever skills or passion you have. Can’t find the right opportunity? Take charge, become a leader and make opportunities for others.

Purpose made for social and civic engagement.

Get away from the distractions of other media platforms and get involved in the issues and causes that matter to you most.

For Individuals

Get involved with others in your community.

Find opportunities for volunteering, community service, civic engagement, and more. Connect with organizers, team members, leaders, and friends to focus your efforts and skills on a common goal.

For Individuals

Work with any team.

As an open platform, Zeall takes a crowdsourcing approach to producing collaborative impact. This means rather than being siloed to a single organization, we all share in our efforts based on interests and passions towards common goals.

For Individuals

Complete missions, create impact.

Zeall is about more than just having your voice heard, it's about getting things done. Missions are sets of tasks that lay out exactly how you can get involved and help leaders and organizations make an impact.

For Individuals

Communicate via chat, mail, posts, and more.

Whether it's your fellow team members, personal friends, or civic leaders, features such as posts, chats, mail, and more keep you in the loop as to what is going on in real time.

For Individuals

Earn points, achievements, and rewards.

Stay motivated and show off your involvement by earning points and special awards for performing tasks and other activities.

For Individuals

Secure and socially responsible.

Unlike other open social media platforms, Zeall is purpose-built for social and civic engagement, meaning from day one we've made our platform with social issues, privacy concerns, and security squarely in mind.

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